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Has your instrument been damaged or requires a slight refresh? Don't worry ! Our Afrostore team is here to help you.

With our certifications and more than 15 years of experience in the field, we carry out repairs ranging from the smallest to the largest for djembes, as well as for certain stringed instruments such as the kora or the ngoni.

If you are an Afrostore customer, you also benefit from a 20% discount on all our repair services.

Here is a brief list of the repairs we offer in our service:


  • Change of skin and strings
  • Manufacturing and repair of hoops
  • Barrel sculpture
  • Treatment, sanding and refurbishing of wood
  • Tuning and string tension
  • Complete assembly from A to Z

Kora and Ngoni

  • Changing keys
  • String assembly and tuning
  • Mounting the amplifier
  • Calabash repair
  • Instrument break-in
Changement de cordes d'un djembé


For any questions and/or additional information please contact us by telephone: +32 494 45 61 05 , by email at: info@afrostore.be or via the "Contact us" page.

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